6 Month Review of the iPhone 5: Pro’s and Con’s

Upon reaching my 20th birthday, I had been patiently waiting for 3 years to be released from the jail that embodied in the form of a cellphone contract. To anyone who has a cell phone, once you sign on the dotted line, you feel as though you have signed your soul over to the devil because of the impending series of anger, disappointment and frustration you will undoubtedly endure over the duration of the contract.  In the early stages, everything is sunshine and gumdrops because for at least a short instance in time, you own the latest must-have electronic that seemed so unattainable such a short time ago. If I remember correctly, I went through 4 Blackberry’s in the span of my last contract, each one causing more and more frustration than the last. Randomly shutting down when you need it the most or my “P” button falling off of my keyboard there by shrinking my vocabulary considerably. To anyone who has owned a cellphone, I’m surely preaching to the choir but these are the small inconvenience’s we deal with on a daily basis only because of the joy these small, stunning devices can give us out weigh the latter.  I decided to jump of the sinking ship that was Blackberry and on to the iPhone bandwagon, purchasing my very own iPhone 5 but at the same time selling my soul for another 3 years. It was nice while it lasted but now being out of the honeymoon phase with my smartphone, I decided to look back on the last six months and give a review of my experience with the iPhone 5 thus far.


Price and Capacity

Across different carriers prices will vary but if you were going to purchase a new iPhone 5 from the Apple store, depending on the capacity of the phone, the prices vary. The iPhone comes in either black or white and ranges from 16gb to 64gb. I chose to go with the black 32gb because its not too little space for all my music but its neither exceedingly large. The perfect fit, so I am able to grow with the phone as I accumulate more music and apps. Currently I’ve used about 14gb, so just under half which is perfect. The following shows the varying price points relative to the capacity of the phone:

  • 16GB – $699
  • 32GB – $799 (Best value in my opinion) 
  • 64GB – $899


Now, I’m not a ‘techy’ by any means, but the iPhone 5 is one of the fastest phones I have ever used. It takes approximately 20 seconds to start up which is lightyears ahead of my previous Blackberry. This is thanks largely in part to Apple’s invention of the A6 chip, newly put into all iPhone 5’s. As engadget describes, the new A6 chips allows for 2x more power and 2x better graphics all while consuming less energy than the iPhone 4’s A5 processing chip. As with any new technology, there is going to be some bumps in the road such as applications crashing. Thankfully Apple, eliminated these bumps by issuing updates that correct these problems, therefore making it a non issue. Overall, the flow and speed in which the iPhone 5 operates with is unparalleled to any phone I’ve used.306876


I have never had a better camera on a smartphone before because quite frankly, this camera could beat some of the point and shoot camera’s on the market. As you can see below, The iPhone 5 camera was also stepped up from the previous iPhone model’s being headlined by a 4-inch retina display.original-1

The colours that you can see in the iPhone 5 picture, are more vibrant and true to reality. Another very cool feature Apple decided to include on the iPhone 5 is panorama. This allows you to capture a 360 degree photo, by letting the camera take multiple shots as you move the phone around the desired scene. Once finished, it pieces all of the photos together giving you this wide lense, fish-eye type of photo, amazing for landscapes or from my own experience concerts ext. Overall I am very pleased with the camera because it exceeded my expectations. You can see a demonstration of how to use the panorama feature here .



Apple decided to go in a whole new direction when they created the iPhone 5 as opposed to the previous models. Thanks to the previously mentioned A6 chip, it allowed Apple to make it slimmer and lighter in the process. Holding the phone in your hand it feels light but not so light that you have zero control over it. It really contours to your hand and by increasing the height of the phone it increases the screen size. Now I am able to hold it in one hand and my thumb is able to reach the top opposite corner without any troubles. From a pure aesthetic view, this phone is a work or art. Polished aluminium highlights the newly redesigned iPhone 5. It comes in both white and black but I opted for the black because A. It’s more masculine and B. I think it would hide the scratches and dents better. Which brings me to my next point, the durability of this phone leaves something to be desired. I dropped it on thin carpet (sans case) and it dented the bottom corner of the phone like it was nothing. I was expecting a little more durability with drops and such which would be my biggest concern about the smartphone. On the other hand, a major knock on iPhone’s previously was that the screen seemed to break or scratch all the time but I’ve found that with the new addition of Gorilla Glass, it really seems to stand up to keys or just about anything you can throw at it (not literally of course).

Unexpected Surprise

When I bought the iPhone I was presently surprised when I opened the box only to find a pair of newly redesigned headphones. Apple really took everything into consideration when launching the new iPhone, even the headphones. They are more round to fit into your ear better and from personal experience they make your ears ache after an hour either as the previous ones did. Also the sound quality is head and shoulders above the previous model mostly because they increased the bass as well as decreased the amount of out noise allowed through. This results in a nice crisp sound with noise cancelling qualities.

Overall Scoring

  1. Specs-  speed, start up time, speed of switching applications =  9/10
  2. Camera- resolution, features, zoom = 10/10
  3. Design- looks, feel, materials, durability = 8/10
  4. Price- cost of each model depending on capacity = 8/10

Would I recommend to someone else? I would defiantly say that even with its flaws, no smartphone you purchase is going to be perfect in every aspect so I would put this at the top of the list for anyone looking to upgrade their phone.


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